Formal Student Membership

Becoming a “Formal Student” is yet another opportunity for those who wish to deepen their commitment to study and practice at the Village Zendo. Being a formal student does not imply any financial or attendance commitments above those asked of Members. It is purely a traditional symbolic commitment to study with the Village Zendo and its teachers.

How to Become a  Formal Student

  • Become a member of the Village Zendo.
  • See a Village Zendo teacher in dokusan and ask permission to become a Formal Student.
  • Sit Tangaryo (all-day zazen for student initiation). Tangaryo is traditional in Japanese monasteries. At VZ it is a long, quiet day of meditation, a time of individual discernment of one’s motivation for entering deeply into Zen practice.

Practice Recommendations for Formal Students

  • Attend at least one full sesshin (week-long meditation retreat) a year.
  • Learn to perform the liturgical functions of the Village Zendo.
  • Participate in Ango (seasonal training intensive).
  • Help to maintain and support the Zendo.

For more detailed guidelines, please see Enkyo Roshi’s recommendations for Formal Students.

If you have questions about becoming a formal student, please send them to

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