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This group is for our community to talk, share interesting events and articles, and ask questions. Anyone with a connection to the Village Zendo can join, not just dues-paying members. Messages posted there are private to the group. We request that you not advertise professional services or raise funds for non-Zendo causes. Other information like your art or music show, a public lecture, cat-sitting, or events at museums is encouraged.

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The Village Zendo dharma talks podcast includes all dharma talks by teachers and occasional talks by senior students. To hear all the senior student talks, subscribe to our student talk podcast too.

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We are located at 260 West Broadway. Please note that the entrance to the Village Zendo is located around the corner of the building’s main entrance, off of St John’s Lane.

Mailing Address: 2 Washington Square Village, #10V New York City, NY 10012


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