Urban Sesshin

The Village Zendo Urban Sesshin is an opportunity to integrate zen practice with our very own ordinary context here in New York City. Three days of creative practice lead into a day of deep silence (Zazenkai) and a morning of exciting ritual and celebration (Shuso Hossen).

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NOTE: Because demand for this Zazenkai has exceeded our capacity to serve lunch, you will be asked to kindly obtain your own lunch outside the Zendo. You will sit with us before lunch, and you can resume sitting with us after having lunch outside the Zendo. Thank you for your understanding.

This year our student practice leader, Elena Yuuka Taurke, offers a program to explore form and adaptation. As an actor, a disabled person, a clinical psychologist, and an inveterate clothing tweaker, she has considerable experience with adaptation.

In our Zen practice and in our daily lives, we are guided by forms—rules and structures like Kinhin patterns and sidewalk etiquette. How we adapt and inhabit those forms is true expression. Urban Sesshin gives us a chance to experience basic forms in a fresh way. Beginners may have questions answered while experienced practitioners may stumble on new questions. Our special guests are the treasures of the Village Zendo, our teachers.

Mornings feature Awareness Through Movement guided by Howard Thoresen, Village Zendo executive director and advanced Feldenkrais student.

A delicious and wholesome vegan lunch is provided by Body and Soul.

Each afternoon features a teaching circle by one of our Senseis, a twist on kinhin, a twist on ritual, true expression interludes, and an opportunity to speak.

We will not wear robes, and lunch is informal. Schedule details follow the rates below, but please note that the afternoon schedule is not precise. It is best to arrive by 12:45 and plan to experience the whole thing.

Please register online, and if you have questions or need accommodations, please email the registrar.


Urban sesshin: Members $50 a day, non-members $60 a day.
Rate for all 3 days: Members $125, non-members $150.
Rate for all 3 days plus zazenkai: Members $150, non-members $200.
Zazenkai only: members $35, non-members $60.
Shuso Hossen is free but we appreciate a $20 donation to cover costs.



7:30 Optional Zazen
8:30 BYO Breakfast Break
9:15 Zazen
9:45 Kinhin with instruction
10:00 Awareness through Movement
10:50 Kinhin
11:00 Zazen
11:20 Kinhin
11:30 Ease, with instruction

12:00 Lunch



1:00 Zazen
1:20 Inquiry Circle with Joshin Sensei
2:20 Kinhin adaptation with Yuuka
2:50 True Expressions with Kaku Hoshi and Sangha guests
Expressive Daikaijo
3:50 Moving Zazen
4:00 Opportunity to Speak (popcorn style council)


1:00 Zazen
1:20 Mondo Circle with Ryotan Sensei
2:20 Kinhin adaptation (outdoor) with Yuuka
2:50 True Expressions with Myoko Sensei and Sangha guests
Chant adaptations with Tokuyu Hoshi
3:50 Moving Zazen
4:00 Opportunity to Speak (popcorn style council)


1:00 Zazen
1:20 Thirty Blows and Circle with Shinryu Sensei
2:20 Kinhin adaptation with Yuuka
2:50 True Expressions with Fugan and Sangha Guests
Chant adaptations with Oshin Hoshi
3:50 Moving Zazen
4:00 Opportunity to Speak (popcorn style council)

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