The Village Zendo Has a New Home

The VZ Executive Committee is excited to announce that the Village Zendo will be moving to a new practice space in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. The move took place in mid-December, and the Zendo will be reopening as soon as possible.

The Village Zendo’s new home, at 260 West Broadway, has been a center for Buddhist practice for more than 25 years. Located in the American Thread building, a lower-Manhattan landmark, it was formerly a practice center for the Jewel Heart Tibetan community.

Having served as a meditation center since the mid-‘90s, the new space lends itself particularly well to Zen practice, the neighborhood is lively and accessible by public transportation, and the rent is one-third of what we are paying now. By significantly reducing our rental costs, we will ensure the financial health of the Village Zendo for many years to come.

As the pandemic recedes, we look forward to seeing all members of the New York sangha in our new home!

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