The Art of the Drum

The Village Zendo Drumming Group

Drumming is an intuitive and joyful way to become intimate with time—to become time. When we drum as a group, we experience each other, the world, and ourselves differently: we are sound and movement, stillness and silence, all flowing together.

The Village Zendo Drumming Group will be an opportunity to go deep into sound and time through the art of drumming. We will learn to play frame drums and other percussion, to communicate with each other through rhythm, to listen, and to act. The group will begin as a class and develop into a space for creative musical expression. No experience is necessary and all levels are welcome. No matter where you’re coming from, this drumming will both challenge and reward you.

*The VZ drumming group will meet monthly on the third Sunday of each month. The material will build on itself, so you will derive the most benefit from an ongoing practice. Space is limited. Please contact me by email ( to reserve a spot or with any questions.

The fee for each class is $20



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