The Zen Centers in the True Expression Lineage:

(Independent Centers under the direction of a fully Certified, Transmitted Teacher)

ShinJin Temple, Westhampton MA, Anraku Sensei, Resident Teacher

Soji Zen Center, Philadelphia PA, Shuzen Sensei, Resident Teacher

Red Rocks Zen Circle, Sedona AZ, Eisho Sensei, Resident Teacher

Centro Zen Phajjsi Qollut Jalsu, La Paz, Bolivia, Roshi Shinryu Thomson, Guiding Teacher
Meets online every Saturday morning. Click here for details.

Dharma Song Zen Temple, Sing-Sing Correctional Facility, Roshi Ryotan Eiger, Guiding Teacher


(Zen Groups led by a Village Zendo Senior Student or Assistant Teacher)

New Paltz Zen Center, New Paltz NY, led by Hoshi Allan Jo An Tibbetts

Hyannis Zendo, Hyannis MA, led by Rev. Fugan Dineen

Oxbow Zen – Zen Practice in the Pioneer Valley, Northampton MA, led by Rev. Lisa Soshin Dufour and Volker Kenko Ecke


White Plum Asanga

Zen Peacemakers

American Zen Teachers Association

Lay Zen Teachers Association

Soto Zen Buddhist Association

Global Soto Zen

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