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Compassion & the GoddessEnkyo Roshi on the Vimalakirti Sutra
How to Buy a PeonyNeil Soten Theise's Shuso talk
On Being ShusoThoughts of shuso past
Shuso OdesPoems from Shuso Hossen
Precepts Are BoundlessStudy workshop inspires personal precepts
WhenPoems by Filip Marinovich
Oasis of PeaceElena Yuuka TaJo on Neve Shalom
Dream CloudsInterview with Taiwanese teacher Meng Yun
Musho's TeahouseBuddha Vacuuming

Enkyo Roshi

My shuso, the doctor.
My student, the philosopher.
Jewish mystic, a righteous homo,
But oh, hidden beneath the wise cracks, the theory, the pathology,
Your kind heart embracing Mother, Mark, and all of us.


In the beginning was the Word
And the Word was with Neil
And God said: You and I should talk!
Well, to this day the conversation continues
Via stem cells and microbes, 
Ants and complexity theory
And we, dear Shuso, are the grateful beneficiaries—

 Outside Kinhin


Dr. Soten's Good Medicine

Step by step, heart to
heart we're dancing with the stars
living with the ants

Amazing Grace!



Through bare branches, a hazy moon marches.
Birds fold their wings to sleep
while trees hold up the sky.

What is the moon?  Bounding the abyss,
his bloodshot eyes descend to matter's heart.
He thirsts to know, yet cultivates the mystery of our life.

What's in the orbit of his mind?
A flower, then its satellite:  a smile.


Outside Kinhin


Who knew the liver is so big, or is it so small?
Either way, intimate vast as the galaxy
Cells, oxygen releasing rocks, ants, complexity theory, blueberry poundcake.....
The mind just stops of itself,
in wonder!



From chaos it's hard to figger:
Things organize themselves,
Then get bigger.

From the evolutionary drama
Come horse, cat, cow ...
And Obama.

And when you get to Shuso,
They continue to do so.

With mind like a razor
He sharpens up our
Days here.

With heart like a poet
He's kind enough to
Show it.

In the Zendo each Monday night
He shines the
Bodhisattva light.

Onward, upward, outward till
Dammit!  He's enlightened
The whole planet!

Outside Kinhin


Seeds, soil, moisture, sun
Soten walking through the park
Makes daffodils bloom


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