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Compassion & the GoddessEnkyo Roshi on the Vimalakirti Sutra
How to Buy a PeonyNeil Soten Theise's Shuso talk
On Being ShusoThoughts of shuso past
Shuso OdesPoems from Shuso Hossen
Precepts Are BoundlessStudy workshop inspires personal precepts
WhenPoems by Filip Marinovich
Oasis of PeaceElena Yuuka TaJo on Neve Shalom
Dream CloudsInterview with Taiwanese teacher Meng Yun
Musho's TeahouseBuddha Vacuuming


when now when with a pen when Zazen
when Kinhin when Dudeman when kin
come to live in an apartment belonging to you
what do you do do you show them in

when when I'm in my bin with tea box
Genine said Chamomile doesn't come
in a box only it's on the lawn

when I strip and shower
when I say the washing gatha
quietly so nobody can hear my
so embarrassing

when when one syllable
when when is No Mind
when when is not separate from mind

when when is come in when when seed
in   GIN    the juniper berry
I better not drink it even tho
I haven't vowed the precepts
I want to I want to drink GIN
when Now when Now
          when when Now
        Not in Kinhin but now
Give me the Jupiter berry
         I fly to Pluto  
         in my Juniper Shuttle
      The atmosphere tastes hot on my lens
  Am I a telescope No No I'm
obnoxious jikido mimicking liturgy
when when That's not me when it's me
when can I stay an extra week
when I find a tent when I find
a tent for Sesshin will I find
a tent for Sesshin that is future
not this moment Moment has
Mom in it That's not when
                 that's JUDGEMENT

Rotted log

when when will I find out
if I'm really a cosmonaut boyscout
when I skateboard the craters of Jupiter
does Jupiter have craters
           That's the moon
Cute Cute Cute cut it cut it when
Now don't wait for Zazen come in Uji
Uji The Time Being come in
where are you Rodney your buzzcut
I can still see You're gone you left
in a car you were a good roomie
left the light on for me when I was
late for bed lights out when lights out
Lights going down now
                Thunder and Lightning
                  last night
                   didn't obey community silence
                        or lights out
         That's not now that's
             when when when I was this
I was then
 Now I'm when when when when when
  whenny when winter when
               summer when
                     spring when

peripheral vision deer
peripheral deer vision
red flakes in spinal August

That was when that was hot when
Kinhin        solar plexus where's that  
 are my thumbs in Shashu
   when the solar plexus when the sun
    when the juniper berry orbits
    my gin glass too fast O just
  fast enough

when when one goes
         to Jupiter
                  in Juniper Berry
   wave to me when when when
   window when window when
   window pane when 




Saturn chomping on Children McNuggets—
ghoul parade through smoking oilwell day—
    on rocks.
I'm dehydrated, Bach. Water! Water!
No answer.
                          Are you being mean
                          are you a mean being
                          meaning what—

I get up and pour water from a filter pitcher
into Bell Atlantic THE HEART OF COMMUNICATION mug—
       Today my mugshot appears above my head
       I'm wanted in 52 states
                          and especially in 
   the 53rd, 54th, and 50 millionth state of
  Really united brain plates in a pyramid
            I eat my dinner with
how many lives

                                       and E.T.s
                                        on movie screens
     the drive-in extinct
     the human extinct—really?
     Is desire? Can desire be extinguished?

        The x arms and y legs growing out of me—
        I would like to chop them off
        but have no cutlery to hand, Bach,


cutting a trail through the Grail Woods
listening to a monk
                   chanting a mantra I never
heard before and CRACK!
     the deer run in twos from me—
I stepped on a cracked brown glass bottle—
shards hanging from my ankle I lift ankle 
up stop listen to the chant did the glass—
the glass did not
penetrate the skin—let the chant chant you—
Thank you Monk—

                        A West Point jet BOOMS above us
                        Roshi says "I'm glad they're so close to us!"
                        A house full of people in black
                       vowing to save all sentient beings and failing and continuing
                       to do it anyway—empty ourselves—the consolation of
                        suchness! no holding on to it
gone with the deer—               

I want to run with you deer
through the entire Middle East
bringing peace peace peace
            antlers growing up out of
the top of deer's head red deer white spots deer I want
I need you deer do you hear me deer and Bach and
Everybody here not here hearing seeing touching tasting
breathing bleeding
                              I won't go to Iraq
                               I'm no deer
                             The deer is a deer
                                I'm me this Bach is
                            making a black painting in me
       Goya Goya where did you go
             when your hearing went
              into the pigment of
                                            The Black Paintings.


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