March 07 Newsletter » Roshi's Corner

This bright winter morning the sun illuminated the Zendo's floor, walls, and cushions.

It brought to mind all the people who sit, have sat, and will sit zazen in this old loft space.

And I wondered, what connects us all? Why do we gather together to sit? Sometimes, when I listen to some of us, it sounds like the decision to come and sit rests solely in the domain of one's own convenience, current resistance, and preferences! It is as if the community doesn't figure in at all. And yet we all know that each act, each thought, each word that we produce, creates a flood of consequences. So how could our absence not be of significance to others? And how could the reality of our impact on others not be of significance to ourselves? Haven't we been studying the Identity of Relative and Absolute?

Like the winter crows who gather on the bare trees, each one of us who manages to show up for zazen at the Zendo, corroborates our interdependence, our mutual purpose to wake up. Now is a good time to come back to the Zendo, and join each other in appreciating our connection through practice. The first traces of green are already hinting around the tips of the branches!

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