March 07 Newsletter Roshi's Birthday Party

How do you celebrate a Roshi’s birthday? Pretty much like anyone else’s, as it turns out. You have a party, invite friends, light up a cake, and exchange gifts. In this case — Roshi Enkyo O’Hara’s 65th birthday — some of the gifts were intangible. They came in the form of poems, a song, and a slideshow of photos from her past. The celebrants finished up with a meal and a cake containing one of Roshi’s favorite ingredients — coffee. But Roshi, a well-known technophile, also got a tangible gift — a check for a new laptop computer. Roshi’s birthday celebration, coordinated by Robert Chodo Campbell, was held at the Zendo on Jan. 12, one day after her actual birthday.

Roshi and Enkyo

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