March 2007

"The true ornament of the Buddha hall is the people who are practicing there."
—Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

It is the intent of this newsletter to serve as the voice of the Village Zendo, both within the Sangha and to the wider community. It is written and illustrated entirely by Sangha members, giving expression to our practice, our perceptions, our talents. We hope that it is and will continue to be a True Expression of our temple in the city.

roshi Dharma Talk
To be attached to things is illusion
zafu Roshi's Corner
Connecting through practice
joshin sensei

Committee Work
Joshin Sensei, on practicing in the midst of difficulty

Roshi's Birthday Party vigil for the fallen Vigil for the Fallen
Iraq memorial
is this chelsea? Is This Chelsea?
Don't-know mind
nautilus shell From the Bottom Up
Neil Soten Theise, MD on complexity
Sing-Sing Sangha
The Village Zendo's program in prison
Winter Sesshin
calla lily This World is Possible
Activism and Zen
Bodhidharma Pottery-Practice / Practice-Pottery
spool Vast is the Robe
A rakusu journal
popcorn Dharmaflicks
VZ's Movie Nights—Cult classics to rare documentaries
Notes from the Tenzo
Rice, lentil curry, and salad


This year the Village Zendo will celebrate its fourth annual Work for Dharma Day fundraising appeal on March 21st, the first day of spring.

It's easy to participate in Work for for Dharma Day. You simply submit a pledge form stating that you will earmark a percentage of your earnings on March 21st as a donation to the Village Zendo. Then, following Work for Dharma Day, you mail in the amount you pledged.

If you would like to get a head start on making a pledge, just click this link. Or, if you prefer, you can wait to receive the Work for Dharma Day materials in the mail.

Spring is a time when we rejoice in the generosity of nature. Please respond with your own generosity and work wholeheartedly for the Dharma on March 21.

Help to keep the Village Zendo blooming!


Several practitioners became formal students at the last two Tangaryos. Among them:

Larry Golden: Born in northern Vermont, he has lived in New York for the last ten years working in the music and entertainment industry. He likes to ride his bike.

Joseph Kennedy: A native New Yorker, professional writer and corporate communications consultant. With his partner, John Canemaker, Joe wrote the 1998 children's book "Lucy Goes to the Country," and collaborated on the script for the 2006 Academy Award winning animated short film, "The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation." Joe is also an avid cook and gardener, and divides his time between New York and Bridgehampton. He has been sitting informally at the Village Zendo for about two years and is delighted to be a student member of the sangha.

Nina Mermey Klippel: Writer, art therapist and occasional poet. At Tangaryo, she wrote:

The pond at daybreak
I put my toe in—

Traven Rice: Actor and filmmaker originally from Boulder, CO. She has lived in Columbia, MO, Prague, Czech Republic, Seattle, WA, Vancouver, B.C. and Costa Rica. She finally settled down and resides happily in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with her husband, Ed.


Dana bowl

to lend their voices to this newsletter. We welcome thoughts on practice, recommendations for books, movies, plays, art shows, contributions of a poem or quote or joke that express the dharma — or personal news such as a special accomplishment or an unusual trip. This newsletter is intended as a forum for voices of the sangha. Let us hear yours!
Submissions: email SYBILTAYLOR (at) LTGSPEED.COM


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