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Soji Zen Center
2325 West Marshall Road
Lansdowne, PA 19050

"What is the experience of being a sangha and a Zen Center with its own flavor and persona, while also being an affiliate of Village Zendo?"  Our sangha members reflected on this question and arrived at the following consensus.

Soji Zen Center is a small but thriving and growing Sangha. We are very grateful that we have in the person of Shuzen Sensei a fully transmitted dharma teacher.  Our relationship with Village Zendo is cemented by the fact that Shuzen Sensei received shiho from Enkyo Roshi and she is also the abbot of Soji Zen Center.

Soji Zen Center's Sangha is committed to and shares in the responsibility for its continued growth and development.  

Shuzen Sensei

Shuzen Sensei
Photo: A. Jesse Jiryu Davis

It is this kind of growth and activity, as well as adding new members that motivates us as a Sangha. 

Soji Zen Center members agree that Enkyo Roshi's visits enrich their practice and are deeply appreciated.  It is generally felt that connection with Village Zendo could be further enhanced by members of both Sangha's interacting on a regular basis. 

A common sentiment among the senior members at Soji Zen Center is an appreciation for the fact that we are part of a lineage and that lineage strengthens, supports, and validates our practice.  We see ourselves as a branch on a tree, but we are flowering on our own.

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