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CommitmentDharma Talk
Soji Zen CenterOur Philadelphia sister zendo
Zen at United ChurchZen Buddhism and Christianity
Zen on MainFour voices from Northampton
Star NurseryPracticing at a distance
On Liturgy:3 pieces on Zen form
Ordinary ZenPhotos
Tao Wu's Condolence CallA koan comic
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Sangha is simply what we are. As we constrict our hearts and minds, what we imagine to be sangha contracts. To the degree we open our hearts and minds, our perception of sangha expands accordingly. We are called, as a sangha, to realize our inherent unity. We are called, as individuals, to become ever more expansive in our recognition of sangha.

Sangha transcends yet embodies Whitman's "I contain multitudes" and provides the opportunity to know and love them all.

(Peggy Brown)

Dharma Talk
Soji Zen Center
Our Philadelphia sister zendo
Zen at United Church
Zen Buddhism and Christianity
Zen on Main
Four voices from Northampton
Star Nursery
Practicing at a distance
On Liturgy:
3 pieces on Zen form
Koan of Ritual
From our new liturgy master
Leveling the Road
A Year at Zen Mountain Center
First Service Position
A brief tenure as Jikido
Ordinary Zen
Tao Wu's Condolence Call
A koan comic
Duet with Doubt
Slot Canyon
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