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July 08 Journal Contents
Dropping Away
The Ox-Herder's Journey
Caving in to Zen
Work for Happiness
Rope Snake Suture
Shadows and Light
The Cherry Grove

Tim Tucker came to New York 30 years ago to study literature at Columbia. He next spent 10 years working creatively in film and lighting design, followed by 15 years as a stock research analyst. Tim doesn't know what's next, but he has come to realize that the stark conflicts in his identity are exquisite torments to be savored. He is preoccupied with cultivating emotional intensity and ambiguity. One of Tim's passions is trekking and photographing in the Andes, and he recently spent 3 weeks exploring ruins and attending the festival of Qoyllur Riti near Cusco, Peru. Tim has been gratefully sitting at the Village Zendo for about 9 months.


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