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"The true ornament of the Buddha hall is the people who are practicing there."
      —Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

It is the intent of this journal to serve as the voice of the Village Zendo, both within the Sangha and to the wider community. It is written and illustrated entirely by Sangha members, giving expression to our practice, our perceptions, our talents. We hope that it is and will continue to be a True Expression of our temple in the city.

May 2010
Roshi on Compassion and the Goddess, Neil Soten Theise's first dharma talk, peony-purchasing, precepts, poems, dream clouds, and Shakyamuni hoovering.
December 2009
The Street Retreat, poems, a broken Avalokiteshvara, an interview with Anne Waldman, a dog's mirror nature.
July 2009
Sangha and liturgy: Roshi on commitment; our affiliates in Philly, Northampton, and Long Island; some clumsy initiations into Zen ritual and our upcoming liturgy training program. Photographs, videos, and meditations.
February 2009
A wildly ambitious omnibus of sangha members' photographs, photograms, music, videos, poetry, pottery, and sculpture.
October 2008
Buddha kids, politics, Eiheiji. Fugan and science, but why poetry?
July 2008
Three photo essays, two poems, an interview with Nichiren practitioner Paula Miksic, the ox herder's journey, caving in, dropping away.
April 2008
Our new digs on the 11th floor, Roshi on sangha expressing the way, Rodney Alan Greenblat's drawings for a new American Buddhist iconography, and an interview with Monica Sharma from the UN.
December 2007
Roshi on the Mountains and Rivers Sutra, an interview with Steven Kosho Theberge, Meditate NYC, Sacred Slam. If you see something, say something.
October 2007
An interview with Mo Ferrell, who makes many of our robes. Roshi on Time and Environment, Koshin's shuso talk.
May 2007
A night in a Botswana forest, a day in Bodh Gaya. Shinryu on the structure of Zen temples, Roshi on the Identity of Relative and Absolute.
March 2007
"On Winter sesshin, and complexity theory, and the war in Iraq. Roshi discusses, "to be attached to things is delusion." Is this Chelsea?"
December 2006
Crazy dancing, found dharma talks, and inexhaustible desires. Graffiti in Williamsburg, and a painting by Emma Tapley.
to lend their voices to this journal. We welcome thoughts on practice, recommendations for books, movies, plays, art shows, contributions of a poem or quote or joke that express the dharma — or personal news such as a special accomplishment or an unusual trip. This journal is intended as a forum for voices of the sangha. Let us hear yours!


JOURNAL STAFF (alphabetical order)

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis

Musho Rodney Alan Greenblat

Nina Shuka Klippel

Sara Marcus
Sybil Myoshin Taylor