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Village Zendo ArtsA new group for sangha artists
Sensei Joshin O'Hara
Jaime Denko ApraezPaintings
Ross BlecknerPaintings
David Van BuskirkTextiles
Jean Yugetsu CarlomustoVideo
Sam ClaytonPaintings
Marc-Antoine DupontPhotograms
Matthew Daian FassMusic
Rodney Musho GreenblatPainting
Liam Oshin JenningsSculpture
Nina Shuka KlippelPoems
Genine Koun LentinePublic Displays of Attention
Jeremy Tokuyu ManasiaMusic
Joshua Mitsunen MosesPoems
Steve Junryu ReedPoem and Photography
Aaron Ryuko ShraggeMusic
Sybil Myoshin TaylorHaiku
Julie Myoko TerestmanCeramics
Tim TuckerPoem and Photography

Are you an artist of any medium, or a fan of the arts? Are you interested in being connected to a Village Zendo network of artists? Through Village Zendo Arts you'll be able to connect with any artist of our talented sangha.

Village Zendo Arts aims to unite the artists of our sangha to plan special events such as concerts, art openings, or poetry readings. We will also create art study groups and provide a community reference for artistic services.

Please join our Yahoo group. Write to:

The first event for VZ Arts will be on Friday, March 13th at 7:30pm. It will feature Shakuhachi Grand Master Ronnie Nyogestu Seldin. To find out more about Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin visit This will be an evening of great music and an opportunity for Sangha members and guests to meet each other and find out more about VZ arts.

Refreshments will be served.

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