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Poems of age

Mist over the pond:

What has become

of last night’s moon?



The old pond:

Tangled grasses at the shore

But at the center, ripples

Still hold the winter moonlight








Winter tree

                  For the Solstice

In and out

The bright needle goes

Into the fabric


And to the other side,

Moving invisibly

On the far side,


Like the vanished sun

In its dark passage

Across another world

A world dark to us

Because unseen.

Yet we are the ones in the dark;

They—those on the other side—

Are bathed in light.

The Egyptians thought of the Sun

as descending

into the world of death

where Osiris lay,

and animating the dead world with its rays,

stitching the dismembered god

With lines of light.

As we stitch our lives,

The visible and the invisible

Are linked together.

The moving needle threads our actions

Into a familiar tapestry

Clear and measured in the light of day.

On the other side, unseen,

The results of our actions

Weave a pattern of their own


Till time turns

And the fabric unfolds.


Nina Shuka Klippel began writing poetry in the second half of her life, round about the time she switched careers from public relations to art therapy. She has been a student at the Village Zendo since 2004.

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