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Village Zendo ArtsA new group for sangha artists
Sensei Joshin O'Hara
Jaime Denko ApraezPaintings
Ross BlecknerPaintings
David Van BuskirkTextiles
Jean Yugetsu CarlomustoVideo
Sam ClaytonPaintings
Marc-Antoine DupontPhotograms
Matthew Daian FassMusic
Rodney Musho GreenblatPainting
Liam Oshin JenningsSculpture
Nina Shuka KlippelPoems
Genine Koun LentinePublic Displays of Attention
Jeremy Tokuyu ManasiaMusic
Joshua Mitsunen MosesPoems
Steve Junryu ReedPoem and Photography
Aaron Ryuko ShraggeMusic
Sybil Myoshin TaylorHaiku
Julie Myoko TerestmanCeramics
Tim TuckerPoem and Photography

Beside the Ocean

beside the ocean

an old man jogs with his dog

among the driftwood

A Line-Up of Shoes

a line-up of shoes

so many shapes and sizes

at the zendo door

In The Garden Bed

in the garden bed

browning ferns sink back to earth

dying fragrantly


With The First Rain Drops

with the first rain drops

umbrella vendors pop up

in the city streets


Sybil Myoshin Taylor is a senior student at Village Zendo, and a member since 1995. A writer / editor / journalist, she served her apprenticeship at LIFE Magazine, and went on to work as a publicist and senior editor for major New York publishing firms. During the 1970's, she founded Halcyon Enterprises, a company focusing on the creation of visually oriented books.

Currently a freelance editor and a specialist in nonfiction and collaborative writing, she has been published as the co-author of numerous books on a variety of subjects. A former student of Haiku master Clark Strand, Sybil Myoshin has twice won Honorable Mention in the Kiyoshi Tokutomi Memorial Haiku Contest.

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