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Jaime Denko ApraezPaintings
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Sam ClaytonPaintings
Marc-Antoine DupontPhotograms
Matthew Daian FassMusic
Rodney Musho GreenblatPainting
Liam Oshin JenningsSculpture
Nina Shuka KlippelPoems
Genine Koun LentinePublic Displays of Attention
Jeremy Tokuyu ManasiaMusic
Joshua Mitsunen MosesPoems
Steve Junryu ReedPoem and Photography
Aaron Ryuko ShraggeMusic
Sybil Myoshin TaylorHaiku
Julie Myoko TerestmanCeramics
Tim TuckerPoem and Photography


I hold this day

Like a globe of cold

Steel, a silver

Ball bearing:

Heavy, perfect.

Weak sun washes me.

Metallic light

Silvers streamlined,

Uncluttered by summer’s

Vulgar fertility.

Squirrels crash

Through this neat sleep

In perpetual panic,

But they seem few.

Quiet peers back

Past the church spire

Like a placid face.


Hope, in bronze,

Has her back to me

Ankle pertly cocked

Busy with another

Granting gorgeous, lavish wishes

Vacations, love affairs.

Her hands reach up

Proffer gifts aloft,

A raft of distractions.

I turn away.

Already, the day

Is heavy and perfect,

A globe of cold

Steel, a round rock.

(Dec. 2003)


Tompkins Square Park

Steve Junryu Reed has been attending the Village Zendo since 2004. He enjoys wandering the city with his camera and documenting impermanence and flow in the interplay of light and shadow, as well as the work of graffiti and street artists. His idea of the perfect day is riding the subway to a place he's never been, taking a long walk and coming home with a few dozen photos. He published some poetry in college.

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