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Street RetreatA 4-day retreat on the streets of Manhattan
Two Poems"The Way" and "Beside Me"
Avalokiteshvara's ArmAvalokiteshvara's Missing ArmA broken statue
Poet Anne Waldman"While I'm Here I'll Do the Work"Interview with poet Anne Waldman
Winter HaikuThree poems
Musho's TeahousePainting

"The true ornament of the Buddha hall is the people who are practicing there."
      —Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

It is the intent of this journal to serve as the voice of the Village Zendo, both within the Sangha and to the wider community. It is written and illustrated entirely by Sangha members, giving expression to our practice, our perceptions, our talents. We hope that it is and will continue to be a True Expression of our temple in the city.

Essex St, mirrored
Street Retreat
A 4-day retreat on the streets of Manhattan
Include Everything
Roshi's reflections on the Street Retreat
Glimpses of Homelessness
Poem by Laura Toshi Foley
I Never Laughed So Much
Reflection by Annie Markovich
Words from Hugh Shōin McGinness
Four Days of Surrender
Sally Sonen Kealy on the Street Retreat
On Being at Home
What is it like to be helpless?—Tim Bokushu Tucker
I Am Amazed
Peggy Ikai Schubert on seeing herself
Street Retreat Photos
A. Jesse Jiryu Davis
Two Poems
"The Way" and "Beside Me"
Avalokiteshvara's Missing Arm
A broken statue
"While I'm Here I'll Do the Work"
Interview with poet Anne Waldman
Winter Haiku
Three poems
Musho's Teahouse
to lend their voices to this journal. We welcome thoughts on practice, recommendations for books, movies, plays, art shows, contributions of a poem or quote or joke that express the dharma — or personal news such as a special accomplishment or an unusual trip. This journal is intended as a forum for voices of the sangha. Let us hear yours!


JOURNAL STAFF (alphabetical order)

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis

Musho Rodney Alan Greenblat

Nina Shuka Klippel

Sara Marcus
Sybil Myoshin Taylor