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"The true ornament of the Buddha hall is the people who are practicing there."
    —Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

It is the intent of this journal to serve as the voice of the Village Zendo, both within the Sangha and to the wider community. It is written and illustrated entirely by Sangha members, giving expression to our practice, our perceptions, our talents. We hope that it is and will continue to be a True Expression of our temple in the city.

Dharma Talk
Mountains and Waters Sutra
Meditate NYC
A free meditation event at St. John the Divine
An interview with Steven Kosho Theberge
Sacred Slam
A poetry event at the Village Zendo
Heaven and Earth
Precepts and Taxes
Sangha Treasure
Life as an instrument of peacemaking
to lend their voices to this journal. We welcome thoughts on practice, recommendations for books, movies, plays, art shows, contributions of a poem or quote or joke that express the dharma — or personal news such as a special accomplishment or an unusual trip. This journal is intended as a forum for voices of the sangha. Let us hear yours!

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A. Jesse Jiryu Davis
Nina Shuka Klippel
Steve Junryu Reed
Sybil Myoshin Taylor

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