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Making a Difference
A Blade of Grass
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Beginner's Mind
Found Dharma
Whimsy Buddha

When the World-Honored One was walking with his disciples he pointed to the ground and said, "It would be good to erect a temple here." The god Indra took a blade of grass and stuck it in the ground and said, "The temple has been erected." The World-Honored One smiled faintly.

(From the Book of Serenity, translated by Gary Shishin Wick.)

Ryoshin with a circular saw, Seizan in the background

In March 2008 the Village Zendo moved from our accustomed space on the 9th Floor to a new suite on the 11th Floor. For a week, dozens of sangha members packed, stored, unpacked, painted, and built the Zendo.

Joshin Sensei painting the wall

Our new home is temporary, like everything. While we rent our current space, we intend to raise the money to buy a place and escape the uncertainty of New York rents.

On the hundred grass-tips, boundless spring—

taking what's at hand, use it freely.

Manjushri looking out the window

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