In-person and Online Zazenkai with Dharma Talk by Kojin

Saturday, July 16
9:00am - 12:10pm

We invite you to participate in Village Zendo’s zazenkai, a half-day retreat that will be held both online and in person. It will include ample periods of meditation, service, a Dharma talk, and conclude with open sozan.

Zazenkai will be held in a hybrid format, in which both virtual and in-person participants will practice together. Please note that there is separate registration for online and in-person attendance.

For those that will be practicing with us virtually, we offer the following recommendations:

Let the schedule support you and your intention. The purpose of zazenkai is to devote an extended period of time to meditation. Unless something compelling calls you away, we suggest that you devote the morning and afternoon to your practice. If, however, you need to arrive late or leave early, we request that you do so during the five-minute stretch breaks between meditation periods (see schedule below).

Create an environment that supports your retreat. We suggest clearing a space where you can meditate and stretch between periods. You may wish to light a candle or offer incense as part of your practice.

Turn off and put away all electronic devices, aside from your Zoom device, to avoid distraction.

We recommend that you review the Village Zendo’s guidelines for online sitting.

Note that zazenkai does not take place via the public Online Zendo link, but is available to registered participants only. The Zoom link to join zazenkai will be included in your registration confirmation email, and will also be sent to all registrants the day before zazenkai.


All times are Eastern Time

9:00 Zazen 9:25 Verse of the Kesa, Stretch 9:30 Zazen 9:55 Stretch 10:00 Zazen 10:25 Stretch 10:30 Dharma Talk 11:00 Four Vows, Stretch 11:05 Zazen 11:30 Stretch 11:35 Service 11:45 Open Sozan 12:10 Four Vows, End

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