Online Zazenkai with Dharma Talk by Ryotan Roshi

Saturday, February 12
8:00am - 3:15pm


All times are Eastern Time

8:00am Zazen (Gatha of Atonement ~8:05) 8:25 Stretch 8:30 Zazen 8:55 Verse of the Kesa, stretch 9:00 Zazen 9:25 Service (Heart Sutra, Sho Sai Myo, Ennmei Jukku) Breakfast, silent rest 11:00 Zazen 11:25 Stretch 11:30 Dharma Talk 11:55 Stretch 12:00 Zazen 12:25 Break Lunch, exercise or rest 1:30 Zazen 1:55 Stretch 2:00 Zazen 2:25 Stretch 2:30 Open Sozan 3:15 4 Vows, Announcements

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