Concert – Beth Cohen and Fugan Dineen

An Evening of Music from the Middle East, Turkey, and India

The Singing Bow & the Chanting Drum

featuring Fugan Dineen and Beth Bahia Cohen

Music flows through cultures, geographies, and lives, weaving us together in a profoundly human experience. In the intimate setting of the Village Zendo, Beth Bahia Cohen and Fugan Dineen will take us on a musical journey through the Middle East, Turkey, and India. Beth will perform on a number of regional instruments, including the Turkish bowed tanbur, the violin, and the Rajasthani ravanhatta. Fugan will play the mrdangam, riqq, tar, and other percussion. Together they will explore the regions’ art and folk traditions and share its devotional music – giving us all the opportunity to experience ecstatic melody, chant, and rhythm.

Beth Bahia Cohen has spent a large part of her career exploring how the violin is played in various cultures.  She was trained as a classical violinist and violist in NY, getting her Master”s Degree in Violin Performance from Manhattan School of Music, and spent several years performing with numerous symphony, ballet, opera and chamber orchestras in New York and Europe, as well as in Broadway shows and commercial recording studios. Beth then traveled, studied and performed with masters of the violin and other bowed instruments from India, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, the Middle East, and Norway.  She plays several Greek lyras, the Turkish bowed tanbur and kabak kemane, the Egyptian rababa, the Rajasthani ravanhatta, the Norwegian hardanger fiddle, and more.  She plays village music from Hungary, Greek music from various regions of Greece, Turkish classical and folk music, Arabic and Klezmer music.  She has been the recipient of many travel and research grants, including the NEA/Artists International grant and the Radcliffe Bunting fellowship.  She performs regularly with several groups and as a soloist in The Art of the Bow, which brings together the various bowed instrument traditions as well as her original music, and she teaches workshops and ensembles in universities throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.  As an Applied Music faculty member in the Tufts World Music program, Beth teaches the violin traditions mentioned above, as well as European classical violin and Celtic music.

Fugan Dineen is a drummer and percussionist deeply committed to the exploration of rhythm, time, and movement in multi-cultural settings. Fugan studied drums with Bob Gullotti and mṛdaṅgam with David Nelson. He holds an MA in Ethnomusicology and is currently a PhD candidate at Wesleyan University. Fugan has recorded and performed with an array of rock, pop, and world music artists in North and South America, West Africa, Europe, and India. He has also composed and performed pieces with Modern, Ballet, Indian, and African dance companies. Fugan teaches drums and percussion, leads rhythm trainings and workshops, and has taught and lectured at institutions including Wesleyan, Yale, and Berklee. Fugan has received various grants and scholarships, the most recent being a Fulbright Fellowship to Chennai, India where he conducted dissertation research, collaborated with local artists, and deepened his studies of Indian rhythm.

Friday, April 13th, at 8pm

At the Village Zendo 588 Broadway Suite 1108 (In Soho – New York City – Broadway between Houston and Prince street, 11th floor) Directions here…

a donation of $20.00 is suggested

Space is limited

please register by emailing

For more info contact Musho.

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