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Shuso Hossen for A. Jesse Jiryu Davis

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March 29, 2015
9:30 amto11:30 am

Shuso Hossen


Shuso Hossen is a ceremonial rite of passage marking a student’s promotion to the rank of Senior. It takes place at the conclusion of the intensive training period of Ango, during which the student serves as a model to the sangha or community. The event is both a crucible and an empowerment for the student. His understanding is tested by the community. As such, it is a participatory and deeply moving experience for all. At shuso hossen, the shuso gives his first dharma talk and takes questions from the community in a ceremonial conversation known as dharma dialogue.

Ceremony begins at 9:30 am and concludes with celebratory refreshments Please sign up on the sheet at the Zendo if you intend to be at the ceremony. We need to know how many people to expect. A suggested donation of $20 will defray the cost of refreshments.

Zendo Reopens

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August 30, 2015

Zendo is open again