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Dharma Talk Soshin

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April 19, 2015
11:30 amto12:15 pm
June 21, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm
October 18, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm

Soshin will give a dharma talk.

Dharma Talk – Visiting teacher Engu

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October 25, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm

Visiting teacher Engu will give a Dharma talk

Dharma Talk – Musho

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February 12, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm
April 16, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm
July 2, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm
July 30, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm
October 29, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm

Musho will give a Dharma talk at 6:35pm. Please join us for two fine periods of meditation before the talk, starting at 5:30 pm.


Color of the Self: A Zen Approach to Racism

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November 13, 2015
7:00 pmto9:00 pm
November 14, 2015
10:30 amto4:30 pm
November 15, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm

Lecture: Friday November 13, 7 – 9pm
Workshop: Saturday November 14, 10:30am – 4:30pm
Dharma Talk by Kodo Sensei: November 15, 11:45 am

Please join the Village Zendo and the Interdependence Project as we seek to explore racism by looking deeply at aspects of our own lives through contemplation, reflection, and learning.

This special weekend training unites the wisdom of a renowned Zen teacher and the effective techniques of a skilled consultant. We aim to create a new awareness of racism in ourselves and our environment, and learn spiritual and practical tools to work with it skillfully to create a more compassionate world.

Kodo Sensei is the first African American woman to receive Dharma Transmission in any Zen lineage. She is the founding teacher of the Lincroft Zen Center and a member of the Zen Peacemaker Circle.

Kodo Sensei began sitting in 1985 when she saw a 12th century Chinese painting called “The Solitary Angler” in the book, The World of Zen, and immediately recognized herself in every aspect of the painting. After a few years of practicing alone at home with the guidance of dharma books, she ventured out and found a sitting group led by Sister Janet Jinne Richardson, now a Roshi in the White Plum lineage. For the next several years she practiced with Roshi Bernie Glassman, Roshi Sandra Jishu Holmes, and with Robert Kennedy, S.J. Roshi, all in the White Plum Lineage. She received Jukai in 1994 and Priest Ordination in 1996 from Roshi Jishu. After Roshi Jishu’s death, Kodo continued her practice with Roshi Wendy Egyoku Nakao, from whom she received Preceptor Transmission in 2002 and Dharma Transmission in March 2006.

Tiffany Taylor Smith, M.S. Ed. is the founder of Culture Learning Partners, a consulting firm that works with schools, businesses, and community organizations on building better cross-cultural relationships and cultural awareness.
Ms. Taylor Smith received her Master’s Degree in Education specializing in Counseling and Personnel Services from Fordham University, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Rochester. Prior to consulting she spent 10 years in human resource development, diversity, and sales management at Procter & Gamble. She has presented and spoken about cultural competence and cultural conversations at conferences and workshops around the country. Ms. Taylor Smith is also currently working as an adjunct professor in child, adolescent and social psychology at Kean University. Her upcoming book, “The Unwritten Rules of Success in U.S. Culture” will be released in spring 2016.
All events are at the Village Zendo, 588 Broadway Suite 1108.
  • Lecture: Friday 7-9pm $15
  • Workshop: Saturday $40
    • 10:30am – 1pm: Morning session
    • 1 – 2pm: Lunch on your own
    • 2 – 4:30pm: Afternoon session
  • Dharma Talk: Sunday 11:45am after regular Sunday meditation beginning at 9:30am, $10 suggested donation

No prepayment required. Attend any or all events. To register, or for more information, write A. Jesse Jiryu Davis:

Fusatsu followed by Sangha Tea

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February 26, 2015
6:35 pmto7:20 pm
April 23, 2015
6:35 pmto7:20 pm
May 28, 2015
6:35 pmto7:20 pm
June 25, 2015
6:35 pmto7:20 pm
November 19, 2015
6:35 pmto7:20 pm

A Traditional Buddhist Ceremony of Atonement and Purification

Followed by Sangha Tea

Fusatsu is an ancient Buddhist chanting and bowing ceremony of atonement and purification that provides us with the opportunity to acknowledge our deep karmic entanglements.There will be a talk on one of the Bodhisattva precepts.

5:30pm – 6:00 zazen
6:00 – 6:05 slow kinhin
6:05 – 6:30 zazen
6:30 – 6:35 slow kinhin
6:35 – 7:20 Fusatsu ceremony
Followed by sangha tea which ends around 8

Practitioners are encouraged to attend the periods of zazen preceding Fusatsu.

Sangha Tea is an informal time to meet other sangha members and teachers. Light refreshments are served.


Year End Meditation Retreat 2015

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December 26, 2015 3:00 pmtoJanuary 1, 2016 12:00 pm

with Roshi Enkyo O’Hara and Village Zendo Teachers

at The Garrison Institute


The Village Zendo’s year-end retreat is the perfect place for quiet meditation and deep silence. Our schedule is serious (with plenty of zazen) but also spacious (with unstructured time in the afternoon for rest, outdoor walks or body practice). There are dharma talks every day, and ample opportunity to meet with our teachers. Meals are taken buffet-style. If you have put off doing a residential retreat, or felt intimidated to try one, this is a wonderful retreat to attend. Come and join the Village Zendo sangha as we greet the new year with clear minds and open hearts.

  • Full information coming soon.