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No Midday Sit

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April 24, 2013
12:00 pmto1:30 pm
November 25, 2013
12:00 pm
April 23, 2014
12:00 pm

No midday sit today.

Guidelines For StudyingThe Way – Dogen’s GakudoYojin-Shu

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April 23, 2014
7:15 pmto8:30 pm
May 14, 2014
7:15 pmto8:30 pm
June 4, 2014
7:15 pmto8:30 pm

A 3 Part Series

Led by Shinryu Sensei and Myoko Sensei

Join Myoko Sensei and Shinryu Sensei in investigating Dogen’s fundamental text as it relates to our own study and practice of the Way. We will look at how these profound guidelines are as relevant and inspiring as ever for deepening our personal experience of Zen.

April 23: Seeing Into Impermanence

“You should arouse the thought of enlightenment.” At the very beginning, Dogen gives us this advice as being essential for true practice. What might this mean? Why is this so important? How do we get in the way of the very thing we are looking for?

May 14: Harmonizing Activity and Stillness

Dogen tells us again and again that practice and enlightenment are not two. Finding some freedom and ease in the midst of our busy, delusion-filled lives is what brings many of us to Zen. Sitting meditation offers the medicine of trusting ourselves as the Buddha way and severing the root of thinking.

June 4: Beyond Enlightenment

What a surprising prospect – an infinite practice of shedding and letting go rather than acquiring and gain. Dogen tells us that to follow Buddha completely means you do not have your old views, to hit the mark completely means you have no new nest in which to settle. Is it possible for us to do this, and what prevents us from doing so?

No registration required. Suggested donation: $10

Fusatsu followed by Sangha Tea with PreceptsTalk by Roshi

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January 23, 2014
6:35 pmto8:00 pm
April 24, 2014
6:35 pmto8:00 pm

A Traditional Buddhist Ceremony of Atonement and Purification

Followed by Sangha Tea

Fusatsu is an ancient Buddhist chanting and bowing ceremony of atonement and purification that provides us with the opportunity to acknowledge our deep karmic entanglements.There will be a talk on one of the Bodhisattva precepts.

5:30pm – 6:00 zazen
6:00 – 6:05 slow kinhin
6:05 – 6:30 zazen
6:30 – 6:35 slow kinhin
6:35 – 7:20 Fusatsu ceremony
Followed by sangha tea which ends around 8

Practitioners are encouraged to attend the periods of zazen preceding Fusatsu.

Sangha Tea is an informal time to meet other sangha members and teachers.

VZarts Presents: An Evening of Duos

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April 25, 2014
8:00 pmto11:00 pm


an evening of  duo’s with:

Aaron Ryuko Shragge & Ben Monder

 “…defies expectation and avoids guitar-trumpet duet clichés as it delves deeper into that satori place in your brain.” 

– Bill Mikowski, Jazz Times 

Aaron Shragge & Ben Monder have been collaborating since 2009. The duo incorporates influences from North Indian Vocals and the music of the Shakuhachi giving the listener a glance into a powerful, interconnected relationship between two musicians as they synthesize new sounds that at once calm and challenge the ear. Their first record The Key Is In The Window (2010) received critical acclaim and has led to performances throughout the NY area including an appearance at Festival of New Trumpet Music and an EP release on Arabesque records: Hollow (2012). Shragge is greatly inspired by North Indian Vocals and the music of the Shakuahchi, which has allowed him to develop a uniques sound/compositional style on the Dragon Mouth Trumpet (custom microtonal instrument) as well as the Shakuhachi (Japanes Flute). Monder, a new york area musician for 25 years, has performed with Jack Mcduff,Lee Konitz, Kenny Wheeler and continues to perform original music internationally with his own quartet, trio and in a duo project with vocalist Theo Bleckmann. “…the sounds created by these two world-class musicians takes the listener to varying celestial moments of clarity and depth that one would not expect. Shragge and Monder manage to paint musical imagery that transcends genre and style…” – Marcos Rios, Guitar International.


Ben Monder & Theo Bleckmann

“…so virtuosic and inventive a pair…the two share a subtle discipline that results in a focused, cohesive whole…Rarely have such individual musicians sounded so single-minded.”

-Shaun Brady, Downbeat USA

For over 15 years, the Theo Bleckmann & Ben Monder Duo has toured the U.S., Europe and Asia creating a unique approach to what might be called “jazz art song”, blurring the boundaries between jazz, classical, ambient and rock. Bleckmann’s vocal style is based on a thorough understanding of the jazz vocal tradition as well as “extended vocal techniques” (he has been a principal in Meredith Monk’s Vocal Ensemble since 1994) and also uses electronic looping and processing in order to create choral and textural soundscapes. Bleckmann was recently interviewed by Terry Gross for Fresh Air on NPR and received a GRAMMY™ nomination in 2010 for his CD of Ives songs with Kneebody. Monder has developed a compositional and playing style to exploit the full textural potential of the guitar; his playing is influenced as much by classical technique as jazz. Their two duo releases, “At Night” and “No Boat”, and continued collaborations on both Bleckmann’s “Origami” and Monder’s “Excavation”, “Oceana” and “Hydra”  have garnered great critical acclaim world-wide.

Friday, April 25th at 8pm.
$16 online tickets click here.
$20 at the door the night of the show.
For more info contact Ryuko (



Just Sitting

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February 22, 2014
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
March 29, 2014
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
April 26, 2014
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
May 24, 2014
2:00 pmto5:00 pm

Sitting quietly, doing nothing. Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.

Zenrin Kushu, Fifteenth-century China

2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Just Sitting offers a free and spacious afternoon of meditation, an opportunity for pure practice without anything extra.

The afternoon will be liturgy-free and you may join in or leave at any time during the three-hour period.

Fees: For members, no charge; non-members, suggested donation $10.
No registration required.

For information contact: Howard Thoresen at

Dharma Talk – Musho

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April 27, 2014
11:45 amto12:30 pm
June 12, 2014
6:35 pmto7:05 pm


On Sunday April 27th 2014,  I will be offering my first regular Dharma Talk, and I will be evoking the beard of the great Bodhidharma.My talk will be called “Bodhidharma on Broadway.”

My plan is to have some audience participation at the end of the talk, and sing together “Great Bodhidharma” song that I taught to our group at Urban Sesshin. If you were there, and you remember the song, could you please contact me if you can come to my talk on the 27th? It would be so amazing to have some people who know the song in the audience.

If you don’t know the song, you can listen or download it here. We sang it a little slowly, but I think you will get the idea:




Great Bodhidharma, what did he find?
After nine years sitting in a cave he found
there’s nothing outside the mind.
Nothing outside the mind.
Nothing outside the mind.
Go ahead and look if you want,
there’s nothing outside the mind.

3x (fade out slowly with two more mus on the third time)

Sunday April 27th, sitting starts at 9:30, Dharma talk at 11:45.

“Beyond your mind there is no other Buddha.” Bodhidharma


Musho will give a dharma talk.

Beginning Instruction – Howard

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February 10, 2014
6:30 pmto8:30 pm
March 10, 2014
6:30 pmto8:30 pm
March 31, 2014
6:30 pmto8:30 pm
April 14, 2014
6:30 pmto8:30 pm
April 28, 2014
6:30 pmto8:30 pm
May 19, 2014
6:30 pmto7:30 pm

Howard will offer beginning instruction tonight.

Council – Kokyo

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January 5, 2014
11:00 am
March 2, 2014
11:00 am
April 6, 2014
11:00 am
May 4, 2014
11:00 am
June 1, 2014
11:00 am

Council is the practice of sitting in a circle and speaking and listening from the heart. It is held the first Sunday of the month after zazen.

9:30am-10:05 zazen
10:05-10:15 kinhin
10:15-10:50 zazen
10:50-11:00 kinhin
11:00-12:30 council

The Path of Precepts

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January 26, 2014
1:30 pmto4:30 pm
February 23, 2014
1:30 pmto4:30 pm
March 30, 2014
1:30 pmto4:30 pm
May 4, 2014
1:30 pmto4:30 pm
June 1, 2014
1:30 pmto4:30 pm
June 29, 2014
1:30 pmto4:30 pm
July 20, 2014
1:30 pmto4:30 pm
September 28, 2014
1:30 pmto4:30 pm
October 26, 2014
1:30 pmto4:30 pm
November 23, 2014
1:30 pmto4:30 pm

The self and things of the world are just as they are.
The gate of emancipation is open ~ Dogen Zenji

The precepts are an expression of our very wholeness. As such, they serve as guidelines for living a joyous life. For ten months we will study them as tools to turn our light inwards, develop compassion for ourselves and deepen our harmony with others. With a practice grounded in zazen, we will use the precepts to observe ourselves in action, inquire into our reactive patterns, and uncover our conditioned beliefs about ourselves, in contrast to what the precepts show to be true. Classes will be interactive and experiential in nature, structured around readings, writing, discussion, dyadic and group work.

Classes, led by Roshi Enkyo and Joshin Sensei, will be held at the Zendo on the following Sunday afternoons, from 1:30 to 4:30.

Tuition: $600, Class size is limited.  Payment is due at time of registration, Contact

Beginning Instruction – Ikai

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March 17, 2014
6:30 pmto8:30 pm
March 24, 2014
6:30 pmto8:30 pm
May 5, 2014
6:30 pmto8:30 pm

Ikai will offer beginning instruction this evening.