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Dharma Talk – Yugetsu

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September 3, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm

Yugetsu will give a Dharma talk

Dharma Talk – Roshi

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March 8, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm
May 10, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm
June 14, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm
July 12, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm
September 6, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm
September 20, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm
October 11, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm

Dharma talk by Roshi Enkyo O’Hara

Enkyo Roshi

Closed for Labor Day

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September 7, 2015

The zendo is closed all day.

Dharma Talk – Shinryu

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January 29, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm
July 16, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm
September 10, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm

Sensei Shinryu Thomson will give a dharma talk.



Dharma Talk – Bokushu

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January 25, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm
February 8, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm
March 19, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm
April 12, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm
May 24, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm
June 28, 2015
11:45 amto12:30 pm
August 20, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm
September 13, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm
October 15, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm

Bokushu will give a talk.

Beginning Instruction: Joshin

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January 12, 2015
6:30 pmto7:05 pm
March 16, 2015
6:30 pmto7:05 pm
April 6, 2015
6:30 pmto7:05 pm
May 4, 2015
6:30 pmto7:05 pm
June 8, 2015
6:30 pmto7:05 pm
July 6, 2015
6:30 pmto7:05 pm
August 3, 2015
6:30 pmto7:05 pm
September 14, 2015
6:30 pmto7:05 pm

For those new to Zen meditation or who have not practiced meditation in a zendo before.

Formal instruction begins promptly at 6:30pm (arrive at least a few minutes early) and lasts until 7:05.  Recommendations for a comfortable, stable sitting posture are given, as well as guidance on how to begin a meditation practice and do walking meditation. The two sitting periods that follow are an opportunity to deepen practice. The evening concludes with a chanting of the four vows and three bows. You will have the opportunity to ask questions of the instructor and experienced students afterward.

Dharma Talk – Seizan

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April 30, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm
September 17, 2015
6:35 pmto7:05 pm

Seizan will give a dharma talk.


Forms of Emptiness – Liturgy Practice

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September 18, 2015
5:30 pmto7:00 pm
October 16, 2015
5:30 pmto7:00 pm
November 20, 2015
5:30 pmto7:00 pm

A Workshop in Village Zendo Liturgy

Zen forms are ways to help support ourselves and each other in seeing our lives as they are moment to moment, and to continually remind us of our conviction to stay awake.

The sounds and movements we see around the Zendo may seem random and incidental, but are always gateways to come back to right now, and also communicate what is happening at specific moments in time.

This workshop will serve as an opportunity to become more familiar with these forms, and also to practice getting good tone out of the various zendo instruments.

Registration not required.



The workshop will be led by Village Zendo Liturgy Master Tokuyu Manasia and is open to anyone who would like to attend. 


Zazenkai with Dharma Talk by Myoko

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January 17, 2015
8:00 amto8:00 pm
September 19, 2015
8:00 amto5:00 pm

The Village Zendo’s monthly one-day retreat (zazenkai) is a great way to experience a short, intensive meditation retreat right here in the city. People are welcome to come for the entire day or any portion of it, but need to inform the registrar in advance.

Instruction is available for those who are unfamiliar with Zen rituals and procedures. Please make sure to contact the registrar in advance if you need instruction.

Pre-registration required: $25 for members, $50 for non-members.
For more information, please contact

8:15 Zazen
8:50 Verse of the Kesa, Kinhin
9:05 Zazen
9:40 Kinhin
9:50 Zazen
10:20 Kinhin
10:30 Dharma Talk
11:10 Kinhin
11:20 Zazen
11:50 Kinhin
12:00 Lunch

12:45 Clean Up, Silent Rest

1:30 Zazen
2:00 Kinhin
2:10 Zazen
2:40 Kinhin
2:50 Zazen
3:20 Service (Heart Sutra, Sho Sai Myo Kichijo Dharani, Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo)
3:45 Zazen
4:15 Kinhin
4:25 Open Sozan
5:00 Four Vows

Workshop: Lifelines to Solitary

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September 20, 2015
1:30 pmto4:00 pm

Please join the Village Zendo Sangha along with Jean Casella, co-director of Solitary Watch
and Five Mualimm-ak, director of the Incarcerated Nation Campaign and survivor of solitary confinement, for a workshop on writing letters to solitary confinement inmates.

Imagine being in solitary confinement – living alone and unseen in a 6’ x 9’ concrete box, virtually no contact with other humans, no view of sky, grass or any living thing for days, weeks, year after year… “a second-by-second attack on your soul…”

Letters from outside are a lifeline to prisoners in solitary – but how to begin?  This fall, a VZ letter writing group is being formed.  To get started, we are offering a workshop led by the co-director of Solitary Watch, Jean Casella, and her associate, Five Mualimm-ak, who spent 5 years in solitary and now helps others coming home from prison.

They will begin with a presentation about solitary confinement, followed by a Q&A.  Those who wish to write letters will sign up and be given contact information for a particular prisoner.  We will then write our first letters, and have an opportunity to discuss them with Jean and Five and other workshop members. Guidelines from Solitary Watch will be provided, along with other informational materials.

$15 suggested donation will be given to Solitary Watch

Coordinator of the project is Shuka Klippel.  For more information, contact her at:

Solitary Watch was founded in 2009  by journalists James Ridgeway and Jean Casella. Their website is rich in information and resources: