Summer Ango FAQ


Appreciating the value of entering into the experience with a healthy and intimate sense of “not knowing,” we nevertheless offer these responses to frequently asked questions.

Is the entire Ango in silence?

A different program is offered in each of the four weeks of Ango. The sesshins (in the first and last weeks) proceed in silence with no unnecessary talking. The middle two weeks have periods of socializing and periods of silence.

Are there free days?

The schedule from Sunday afternoon until late Tuesday afternoon is more relaxed than during program weeks, but these days are not “free” per se. We still practice and work together in community.

Will I ever leave the practice center during my time at the Grail?

Rest and exercise periods are part of each day during Ango. If you leave the Grail, please return in ample time for the next activity on our retreat schedule. Sunday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon offers participants more latitude to leave the Grail for longer periods of time. Let the Registrar or Shuso know where you plan to go and how long you expect to be away.

Can I see a schedule?

Schedules for each of the four weeks of practice are distinct from one another and vary according to the planned activities. Schedules will be posted at the Grail . You should expect to wake up at around 5:00 am and go to bed at around 9:00 pm.

What time should I arrive?

Plan to arrive no later than 4:00 pm on the Tuesday of your practice week. Practice weeks generally end in the early afternoon on Sundays after people have had lunch and cleaned up after the meal.

Is there an emergency phone number? How can my family reach me?

There is fair cellphone coverage at the Grail, and the Registrar, Kaku, may be reached on 646-391-6120. He will relay any urgent information. Please let Kaku know if you must leave the Grail because of an emergency.