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Dharma Talk – Sensei Joshin O’Hara

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Sensei Joshin O’Hara will give a dharma talk.
Sensei Barbara Joshin O'Hara

Roshi’s book, “Most Intimate” available now

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This wonderful book is $18 including tax and shipping.

Contact to place your order.

Dharma Talk – Sensei Rafe Martin

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Author, storyteller and Zen practitioner Rafe Martin will give a dharma talk titled: “Endless Path: Zen Practice and the Jataka Tales”. For more info on Rafe Martin and his Jataka Tales Workshop click here.


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Council is the practice of sitting in a circle and speaking and listening from the heart. It is held the first Sunday of the month after zazen.

9:30am-10:05 zazen
10:05-10:15 kinhin
10:15-10:50 zazen
10:50-11:00 kinhin
11:00-12:30 council

Summer Ango 2014 – Beginner’s Mind

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Summer Ango 2014

at The Grail, Cornwall-on-Hudson
JULY 25th to AUGUST 24th

Summer Ango provides the opportunity to get off the fast track, slow down, and breathe. It’s a chance to do an intensive retreat, live in community and study closely with Roshi Enkyo O’Hara and the Village Zendo teachers, all in the green surroundings of the Hudson Valley.

Detailed information about Summer Ango.

Summer Ango – 2014 General Information

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Summer Ango 2014
at The Grail, Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York
July 25th – August 24th

Please download the 2014 Summer Ango registration form and submit with your payment.

Entire Summer Ango
July 25 – August 24
Members: $1550 Non-Members: $1875

Dai Sesshin
July 25 – August 3
Members: $850 Non-Members: $925

Precepts Study Week
August 5 – 10
Members: $600 Non-Members: $650

Precepts Study Week and Jukai
August 5 – 10
(For those taking the Precepts with Enkyo Roshi)

Zen Arts

Zen and the Art of Clay with Sensei Julie Myoko Terestman
August 12 – 15
Members: $375 Non-Members: $445

Writing Workshop with Sensei Barbara Joshin O’Hara
August 15 – 17
Members: $350 Non-Members: $400

Both Clay and Writing Workshops
August 12 – 17
Members: $675 Non-Members: $745

Shuso Sesshin
August 19 – 24
Members: $675, Non-Members: $745

For any questions, please contact


Urban Sesshin

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During the three days of sesshin, everyone is encouraged to join in any or all of the happenings. Each day will include a short talk in the morning, a silent sack lunch, and an outing in the afternoon. The morning’s talk connects with the outing. Following the outing will be Council (sharing circle) and zazen.



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The Village Zendo’s monthly one-day retreat (zazenkai) is a great way to experience a short, intensive meditation retreat right here in the city. People are welcome to come for the entire day or any portion of it, but need to inform the registrar in advance.

Instruction is available for those who are unfamiliar with Zen rituals and procedures. Please make sure to contact the registrar in advance if you need instruction.

Pre-registration required: $25 for members, $50 for non-members.
For more information, please contact Kaku:
zazen . oryoki lunch .

8:15 Zazen
8:50 Verse of the Kesa, Kinhin
9:05 Zazen
9:40 Kinhin
9:50 Zazen
10:20 Kinhin
10:30 Dharma Talk
11:05 Kinhin
11:20 Zazen
11:50 Kinhin
12:00 Oryoki Lunch

12:45 Clean Up, Silent Rest

1:30 Zazen
2:00 Kinhin
2:10 Zazen
2:40 Stretching
2:55 Zazen
3:25 Service (Service: Heart Sutra, Sho Sai Myo Kichijo Dharani, Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo)
3:50 Kinhin
4:00 Zazen
4:30 Kinhin
4.40: Hansaku Gyo Cha
5:10 Open sozan
Four Vows
Samu Service/prepare room for Sunday

Upcoming Tour: Roshi Enkyo and Andy Ferguson – Zen China

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Join Roshi Enkyo and author Andy Ferguson on a tour of “Zen China” starting with the DunHuang caves!  The tour starts October 13th and goes through  October 30th.

For details see

Fusatsu followed by Sangha Tea

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A Traditional Buddhist Ceremony of Atonement and Purification

Followed by Sangha Tea

Fusatsu is an ancient Buddhist chanting and bowing ceremony of atonement and purification that provides us with the opportunity to acknowledge our deep karmic entanglements.There will be a talk on one of the Bodhisattva precepts.

5:30pm – 6:00 zazen
6:00 – 6:05 slow kinhin
6:05 – 6:30 zazen
6:30 – 6:35 slow kinhin
6:35 – 7:20 Fusatsu ceremony
Followed by sangha tea which ends around 8

Practitioners are encouraged to attend the periods of zazen preceding Fusatsu.

Sangha Tea is an informal time to meet other sangha members and teachers. Light refreshments are served.