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Summer Study Circle with Joshin Sense

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For those not attending Dai Sesshin this week, Joshin will provide a Summer Study Circle

Summer Ango 2015 at The Grail

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Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York - July 24th–August 23rd

Whether joining us for a retreat at the Grail or deepening your practice routine in the city, this time is an opportunity for us to strengthen our personal resolve, intensify our daily practice, come together as a community and support each other through all the things that come with retreat.

Schedule and rates

Setup: July 22-24, free of charge. Please arrive by 1 pm on July 22.

Whole ango: July 24 – August 23 (Members $1,600; Non-Members $1,950)

Dai Sesshin, July 24, 4 pm – Aug 2, 1 pm (Members $975; Non-Members $1050)

Precepts Study, Aug 4, 4 pm – Aug 9, 3 pm (Members $650; Non-Members $700)

Precepts Study and Jukai Ceremony, for those taking the Precepts ($950)

Zen Arts: The Way of Clay, Aug 11, 4 pm – Aug 14, 2pm (Members $375; Non-Members $425)

Zen Poetry with Enkyo Roshi, Aug 14, 4 pm – Aug 16, 2 pm (Members $400; Non-Members $475)

Zen Arts: Both Clay and Poetry, Aug 11 – 16 (Members $725; Non-Members $825)

Cicada Sesshin, Aug 18, 4 pm – Aug 23, 3 pm (Members $675; Non-Members $750)


Questions? Email

Getting to the Grail

Transportation information for the Grail center in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York.


August 7 – Gate of Sweet Nectar and Oban

For the Oban ceremony at the river, we make rice paper lanterns with names of those we wish to remember. Beforehand you will have an oryoki dinner and participate in Kan Ro Mon (Gate of Sweet Nectar) service. Afterwards soba noodles and refreshments will be served.

Plan to arrive at the Grail around 2 pm and stay as late as 10 pm.

August 9 – Jukai

Literally meaning “to receive the precepts”, Jukai is an initiation into the Zen Buddhist Community. This is our community’s annual ceremony where students commit to uphold the precepts and receive rakusus, oryoki bowls, lineage charts and dharma names.

Ceremony begins at 10 am. Please arrive by 9:30 am.

Further Information

A few other details:
  • Please bring dark, loose-fitting clothing that will be comfortable for long periods of meditation.
  • Meals outside of retreat dates (days off, afternoon before a week begins, etc.) are your own responsibility. The nearby town of Cornwall-On-Hudson has many options.
  • The center will provide you with linens and towels, but please bring your own toiletries (including soap), and any other personal items you may require (earplugs, alarm clock, etc.)
  • Coffee and tea will always be provided, but if you have any particular habits, you may want to bring your own instant coffee or tea bags.
  • Yoga may be provided, and there are many roads and trails you may wish to hike or run during breaks in the day, so please bring appropriate clothing if you wish to take part.
  • Zafus, benches and chairs will be provided for meditation, but if you have any specific requirements, you may wish to bring your own cushion or bench.

Summer Ango in the City

The Village Zendo’s city center will remain open for the duration of Ango. Click here for information about our programs in Manhattan in summer 2015. Whether at the Grail or in the city, let us support each other during this intensive period of practice!


Dharma Talk – Eisho

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Eisho will give a Dharma talk

Dharma Talk – Oshin will give a dharma talk in ASL with voice interpretation

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Oshin will give a dharma talk in ASL, with voice interpretation.

Roshi’s book, “Most Intimate” available now

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This wonderful book is $18 including tax and shipping.

Contact to place your order.

Dharma Talk – Sensei Rafe Martin

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Author, storyteller and Zen practitioner Rafe Martin will give a dharma talk titled: “Endless Path: Zen Practice and the Jataka Tales”. For more info on Rafe Martin and his Jataka Tales Workshop click here.


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Council is the practice of sitting in a circle and speaking and listening from the heart. It is held the first Sunday of the month after zazen.

9:30am-10:05 zazen
10:05-10:15 kinhin
10:15-10:50 zazen
10:50-11:00 kinhin
11:00-12:30 council

Summer Ango 2014 – Beginner’s Mind

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Summer Ango 2014

at The Grail, Cornwall-on-Hudson
JULY 25th to AUGUST 24th

Summer Ango provides the opportunity to get off the fast track, slow down, and breathe. It’s a chance to do an intensive retreat, live in community and study closely with Roshi Enkyo O’Hara and the Village Zendo teachers, all in the green surroundings of the Hudson Valley.

Detailed information about Summer Ango.

Summer Ango – 2014 General Information

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Summer Ango 2014
at The Grail, Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York
July 25th – August 24th

Please download the 2014 Summer Ango registration form and submit with your payment.
In addition please download the following:
Roshi Ango Letter
Shuso Letter
Commitment Form
Four Methods of a Bodhisattva

To Donate for Scholarships for Summer Ango click here or on the Just Give button on the left sidebar.

Entire Summer Ango
July 25 – August 24
Members: $1550 Non-Members: $1875

Dai Sesshin
July 25 – August 3
Members: $850 Non-Members: $925

Precepts Study Week
August 5 – 10
Members: $600 Non-Members: $650

Precepts Study Week and Jukai
August 5 – 10
(For those taking the Precepts with Enkyo Roshi)

Zen Arts

Zen and the Art of Clay with Sensei Julie Myoko Terestman
August 12 – 15
Members: $375 Non-Members: $445

Writing Workshop with Sensei Barbara Joshin O’Hara
August 15 – 17
Members: $350 Non-Members: $400

Both Clay and Writing Workshops
August 12 – 17
Members: $675 Non-Members: $745

Shuso Sesshin
August 19 – 24
Members: $675, Non-Members: $745

For any questions, please contact


Urban Sesshin

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During the three days of sesshin, everyone is encouraged to join in any or all of the happenings. Each day will include a short talk in the morning, a silent sack lunch, and an outing in the afternoon. The morning’s talk connects with the outing. Following the outing will be Council (sharing circle) and zazen.