Dharma Day 2014

May 15, 2014

The Village Zendo has been providing a refuge of peace, practice and community in lower Manhattan
since its founding in 1986. One of our most important supports through the years has been dana, the
Mahayana Buddhist practice of giving.

The Village Zendo community gives generously in many ways – through vigorous zazen practice in
the Zendo, through performances of art, music and poetry, and audience attendance at those
performances, through volunteer work at the Zendo and in our communities. Of critical importance is
the financial support that the members of our sangha, and our extended sangha, provide to the Zendo
during the fundraisers that we conduct a few times each year.

This Spring, as in the past, we are celebrating Work for Dharma Day, which provides each of us with
an opportunity to support the Zendo through our work. Participating in Work for Dharma Day is
simple and convenient – and essential to the financial health of our community. Simply pledge to
donate all or a portion of the income you earn on Thursday, May 15 to the Village Zendo. A pledge
of any size is welcome. We are all equal participants in supporting the community through our work.
And we all join together in the vital practice of dana.

The donations of our sangha members have enabled the Village Zendo to keep a vigorous Zen
practice alive and accessible in our downtown Manhattan location. Thanks to our strong tradition of
giving, the Zendo has managed to weather steep increases in our rent and other operating costs with
only a single modest increase in our membership fees during the past 14 years

Please consider the difference that the Village Zendo makes in your life and in the life of those
around you. Think of whether it is important to you that we are located in Manhattan rather than in a
less-expensive but more distant location. And consider the difference it makes that we provide an
opportunity to practice in community nearly every day of the week rather than only one or two days
due to financial considerations. If the unique practice of the Village Zendo is important to you, please
open your heart and give generously.

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