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Guidelines For Studying The Way – Dogen’s Gakudo Yojin-Shu

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April 23, 2014
7:15 pmto8:30 pm
May 14, 2014
7:15 pmto8:30 pm
June 4, 2014
7:15 pmto8:30 pm

A 3 Part Series

Led by Shinryu Sensei and Myoko Sensei

Join Myoko Sensei and Shinryu Sensei in investigating Dogen’s fundamental text as it relates to our own study and practice of the Way. We will look at how these profound guidelines are as relevant and inspiring as ever for deepening our personal experience of Zen.

April 23: Seeing Into Impermanence

“You should arouse the thought of enlightenment.” At the very beginning, Dogen gives us this advice as being essential for true practice. What might this mean? Why is this so important? How do we get in the way of the very thing we are looking for?

May 14: Harmonizing Activity and Stillness

Dogen tells us again and again that practice and enlightenment are not two. Finding some freedom and ease in the midst of our busy, delusion-filled lives is what brings many of us to Zen. Sitting meditation offers the medicine of trusting ourselves as the Buddha way and severing the root of thinking.

June 4: Beyond Enlightenment

What a surprising prospect – an infinite practice of shedding and letting go rather than acquiring and gain. Dogen tells us that to follow Buddha completely means you do not have your old views, to hit the mark completely means you have no new nest in which to settle. Is it possible for us to do this, and what prevents us from doing so?

No registration required. Suggested donation: $10

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