Obon Workshop & Floating Lantern Ceremony

August 9, 2013
11:00 amto8:00 pm

Join us for our annual OBON celebration at The Grail

Obon is a traditional way to honor one’s deceased ancestors. In our sangha, it is also a way to honor any deceased person we hold dear and respect. Traditionally, a lamp or lantern (bon) is covered with rice paper with the deceased’s name written on it, and the lamp is floated on water. The “O” conveys the respect for this ceremony. Spend the day in community creating your own lantern and taking part in two special ceremonies, The Gate of Sweet Nectar (Feeding the Hungry Ghosts) and the floating of the lanterns in the early evening.

Cost: $75:00*

For More information visit www.villagezendo.org

to register email: signup@villagezendo.org

*The cost of Obon Workshop covers materials for lantern-making and meals; it does not include overnight stay at The Grail. Overnight stay subject to availability of rooms.

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