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Council – Kokyo

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February 3, 2013
11:00 am

Council is the practice of sitting in a circle and speaking and listening from the heart. It is held the first Sunday of the month after zazen.

9:30am-10:05 zazen
10:05-10:15 kinhin
10:15-10:50 zazen
10:50-11:00 kinhin
11:00-12:30 council

Nonduality Workshop with Zoran Josipovic

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February 3, 2013
1:30 pmto5:30 pm

Clear Light: Toward Experiencing the Nature of Consciousness

A Workshop with Zoran Josipovic, PhD

588 Broadway, Suite 1108
New York, NY 10012

A recurring theme in Asian contemplative traditions is the teaching about clear light nondual awareness as the nature of mind or consciousness that abides in the background of all our experience. In this half-day retreat we will practice meditations designed to isolate this awareness from the stream of experience, and help us gain certainty about the nature of our mind. We will also explore dimensions of nondual awareness such as emptiness, luminosity,bliss and unity.

Of particular interest is the reflexivity or “self-knowing”aspect of nondual awareness. Philosophical debates within nondual traditions focus on the exact nature of this “self-knowing” and in many ways parallel current scientific debates between the higher-order/global and the first-order/local theories of consciousness (Baars 2007; Block, 2009; Dennett and Cohen, 2011; Lau and Rosenthal, 2011). Part of the afternoon will be devoted to discussing these ideas and looking at some brain imaging data that might shed light on these issues.

Come prepared for deep meditation and fun discussion that will allow us to explore nonduality from both scientific and contemplative perspectives.

Fee – $80

Zoran Josipovic, PhD, is a Research Associate and Adjunct Professor in the Psychology Department and Center for Neural Science, New York University. He is a founding director of Nonduality Institute, and the director and principal investigator of the Contemplative Science Lab at NYU.

Nonduality Institute is a non-profit center in New York City dedicated to the practice and scientific study of nondual awakening. We offer a direct method of nondual realization that opens the body, heart and mind to nondual reality. Our scientific research into the neural correlates of nondual realization contributes to the understanding of the nature of consciousness, and the brain’s functioning in optimal states of well being. Visit us at