Urban Sesshin: SENSING ZEN

March 20, 2013toMarch 22, 2013

During the three days of sesshin, everyone is encouraged to join in any or all of the happenings. Each day will include a short talk in the morning, a silent sack lunch, and an outing in the afternoon. The morning’s talk connects with the outing. Following the outing will be Council (sharing circle) and zazen.

Let us take the plunge together to discover anew the wonder of that all-embracing lotus “entering the deep mountains of silence and beauty.

Day 1: Seeing and Not-seeing Zen

7:30 Zazen
8:00 Verse of the Kesa, stand and stretch
8:05 Zazen
8:30 Kinhin
8:40 Zazen
9:10 Silent Tea
9:35 Zazen
10:05 Roshi and Shuso: Explanation and Glasses.

Travel to Park as a Group with Special Glasses (Exact location TBD, if raining we will stay at 588 Broadway and make use of Zendo, Halls, Stairs, Elevators)

45 minute travel time.

11:00 Mobility Training: how to lead and guide those that may need leading, etiquette.
Blindfold activities, walking, cane, leading.
12:30 Blindfolded Zazen in the Park
12:50 Blindfolded Slow Guided Kinhin
1:00 Blindfolded Lunch (Aromatic, Textural)
12:45 Blindfolded Zazen (15 Mins)
1:00 Zazen Continued (remove blindfolds ½ way through the period)
1:15 Council on our experience
2:00 Return to Zendo

3:00 Zazen
3:30 Talk from member of the blind community

Following Talk, Instructions for Entering the Next Day.

Day 2: Perceptions: Making Connections

7:30 Zazen
8:00 Verse of the Kesa, stand and stretch
8:05 Zazen
8:30 Kinhin
8:40 Zazen
9:10 Silent tea
9:30 Roshi introduces Film: The Handicap, Their Desire of Love

10:40 Discussion on the film
11:25 Zazen
11:55 Lunch

1:30 Zazen
2:00 Kinhin
2:10 Zazen
2:40 Kodo; the way of scent

4:30 End of the day invite participants who wish to join African Hospice Project in Mid-town from 5:30-7:30pm

Day 3: Hearing with the Whole Self

All Zendo cues for the day will be done visually. Lights flash for bells, etc.

7:30 Zazen
8:00 Verse of the Kesa, stand and stretch
Don earplugs and enter silence.
8:05 Zazen
8:30 Kinhin
8:40 Zazen
9:10 Kinhin
9:20 Silent tea
9:35 Zazen
10:05 Stretching
10:25 Zazen
10:55 Kinhin
11:05 Zazen
11:35 Sack Lunch
12:00 Clean Up
12:15 Deaf community event

2:45 Return to Zendo
3:00 Zazen
3:30 Kinhin
3:45 Speaker from the Deaf community
4:15 Kinhin
4:25 Zazen with Music
5:00 Council

Daily Fee: Members: $40 Non-Members: $50
Rate for all 3 days: Members: $110 Non-members: $130
Rate for all 3 days plus Zazenkai on 3/23 and Shuso Hossen on 3/24 Members: $135 Non-Members: $180
to register please e-mail: signup@villagezendo.org

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