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Dharma Talk – Roshi

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April 8, 2012
11:45 amto12:30 pm
May 13, 2012
11:45 amto12:30 pm
May 27, 2012
11:45 amto12:30 pm
June 24, 2012
11:45 amto12:30 pm
November 15, 2012
6:35 pmto7:05 pm
December 16, 2012
11:45 amto12:30 pm

Dharma talk by Roshi Enkyo O’Hara
Enkyo Roshi

Temple Tag Sale

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November 17, 2012
10:00 amto6:00 pm


Temple Tag Sale Artwork

On Saturday November 17th 2012 from 10am to 6pm The Village Zendo will be transformed into a gift-giving and gift-receiving holiday marketplace.

The donations so far are wonderful. There is a large selection of Japanese small gift items, a really intriguing collection of books, and a beautiful group of handwoven scarves, interesting and odd toys, candle holders, and much more. If you need to buy any gifts for the coming holiday season this is a great opportunity. Not only are the items rare and interesting, but all the proceeds will benefit the great work of the Village Zendo. What can you buy in a store that is better than that?

Of special interest to our group are the stock of used (but in good condition) Zafus and Zabutons at very low prices. The Zendo’s shop will sell back stock of books and clothing.

Deena’s food menu is of course nourishing and delicious. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, come for lunch.

There is still time to donate. VZ Arts is looking for your donation of new or lightly used items in good condition such as:

• Dharma oriented books
• Altar items
• Ceramics
• Handmade Crafts
• Items that would make nice holiday gifts.

Please do not drop off un-evaluated or un-listed items at the Zendo.
1. Fill out the DONATION FORM. Pick up the form at the Zendo or Download here…
2. Place form in box at Zendo, or email to Musho
3. Contact Musho about pick-up or drop-off.
If you can, send a mobile phone photo snapshot of your item(s) to Musho
Return the DONATION FORM to the Zendo by Tuesday November 13th. THANK YOU!

Donations are tax deductible and all proceeds will go to support the Village Zendo.

If you interested in volunteering to help with the event, contact Musho. THANK YOU!

Give and Receive!
Reuse and Recycle!
De-clutter and Re-decorate!

Dharma talk – Kokyo

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November 18, 2012
11:45 amto12:30 pm

Kokyo will give a dharma talk.

Just Sitting

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January 28, 2012
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
February 25, 2012
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
March 17, 2012
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
May 26, 2012
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
June 23, 2012
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
July 28, 2012
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
September 29, 2012
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
October 27, 2012
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
November 24, 2012
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
January 26, 2013
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
February 23, 2013
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
March 30, 2013
2:00 pmto5:00 pm
April 27, 2013
2:00 pmto5:00 pm

Sitting quietly, doing nothing. Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.

Zenrin Kushu, Fifteenth-century China

2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Just Sitting offers a free and spacious afternoon of meditation, an opportunity for pure practice without anything extra.

The afternoon will be liturgy-free and you may join in or leave at any time during the three-hour period.

Fees: For members, no charge; non-members, suggested donation $10.
No registration required.

For information contact: Howard Thoresen at

Dharma Talk – Ryoshin

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March 18, 2012
11:45 amto12:00 pm
July 15, 2012
11:45 amto12:30 pm
October 28, 2012
11:45 amto12:30 pm
November 25, 2012
11:45 amto12:30 pm

Ryoshin will give a dharma talk.

Noon: Hotei Memorial Service

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November 25, 2012
12:00 pm

There will be a memorial service for Hotei starting at 12:00.

No Midday sitting

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March 21, 2012
12:30 pmto1:30 pm
March 22, 2012
12:30 pmto1:30 pm
March 23, 2012
12:30 pmto1:30 pm
November 27, 2012
12:30 pm

Fusatsu with Talk by Myoko, Sangha Tea

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October 25, 2012
5:30 pmto8:00 pm
November 29, 2012
5:30 pmto8:00 pm

A Traditional Buddhist Ceremony of Atonement and Purification

Followed by Sangha Tea

Fusatsu is an ancient Buddhist chanting and bowing ceremony of atonement and purification that provides us with the opportunity to acknowledge our deep karmic entanglements. Myoko will give a talk on one of the Bodhisattva precepts.

5:30pm – 6:00 zazen
6:00 – 6:05 slow kinhin
6:05 – 6:30 zazen
6:30 – 6:35 slow kinhin
6:35 – 7:20 Fusatsu ceremony
Followed by sangha tea which ends around 8

Practitioners are encouraged to attend the periods of zazen preceding Fusatsu.

Sangha Tea