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We have 3 exciting items in the shop from our Citta connection

This is one of the health organizations Roshi visited on a recent pilgrimage.

Come see our new Prajnaparamita T-shirts designed by Michael Daube, artist and founder director of Citta. Created by Michael, the image on the front of T’s is a manifestation of the sound vibrations of the spoken word Prajnaparamita. Offered in black on white and 2 other color combinations – turquoise on green and magenta on tangerine.

New to the shop are notebooks done by the Limi Valley kids. On the cover is a handprint of each student with their name. Inside find a drawing done by that student in response to six questions asked by Roshi: How big is the sky? Where does the sun go during the night? Where does the moon go during the day? Who are you? What do you like to do? How many stars are in the sky? Opposite the drawing is a beautiful photo of the student taken by Michael Daube. The cost is $40 and all proceeds will go directly to the Limi Valley Educational Fund.

For cooler weather we also have hand knit pashmina hats in some great new colors and a heavier winter weight. These are made at a women’s center in Nepal which is one of Citta’s highly effective international aid projects. The center is a place where the women can come and learn skills to provide for their families and keep their cultural traditions alive.  See picture below:

Click here to check out our exciting new education project with Citta in the Limi Valley Nepal

Click here to see student pictures and profile from the Citta school

Women’s center in NepalNepal landscape

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