Letter from Roshi – Winter 2010-2011

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Dear Sangha,

I am pleased to announce that our shuso, the practice leader for the Winter 2011 Ango is Seicho (Judy Fleischman). As you may recall, ango means peaceful dwelling, and it is my hope that all of the sangha do encounter our own peaceful dwellings in our hearts and minds. To that end, I encourage you to attend the retreats we have scheduled for ango, to work with the commitment form Seicho has devised, to study the text, Shodoka, and to enter wholeheartedly into this time of invigorated practice.

The ango, which began on December 26th 2010, flows on into March 27 2011. This is the traditional length of an ango, and gives us all time to settle into a deep winter practice.

Check in with yourself and do try to attend the retreats. These include Urban Sesshin in March along with monthly all-day retreats called Zazenkais. Ango is a time of introspection, clarity, and resolve. Sitting together, walking, taking time to rest, to listen to our own nature – this is our practice of restoring and recentering.

Shuso’s letter, the Ango commitment form, and the study text can be found on our Ango Information Page.

Please make your practice a reality, come back to your self, join the ango!


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